Labyrinth of Dreams

Session 4

Everyone eventually meets back up in the afternoon’s group therapy session. Gabriel arrives slightly late, accompanied by the gothy lonewolf, Louise, who thanks him for walking back with her, before taking her usual place in the corner (giving Samuel a knowing look on the way). Everyone notices Gabriel’s scar and he tries to explain it away.
The therapist, Sarah Cassidy (who drinks from a seashell cup made for her by one of the children in Potomac House), invites everyone to check in with their feeling and is pleased that several of the group seem to be more positive than before. Samuel and Gabriel both report making progress and friendships that are helpful. Kevin sits on his own , as does Louise and make minimal contributions, Kevin saying he feels nothing, Louise telling Sarah to fuck off (Kevin questions the point of making her come, but Sarah defends by saying attendance is compulsory but parcipitation is voluntary). The young girl Alison Harper, who attacked Gabriel reports feeling empty and depressed about the death of nurse Shields still. Elizabeth says she is resigned to watching the world go by whilst they wait for her mind to fall apart, but she senses something is wrong in the asylum. Dan says he is happy to have made new friends, but feels they are hiding things from him and treating him like an idiot. Dan also starts talking about his nightmares – Christine tries to shut him up but Dan gets annoyed – he has been here for a long time – he says he trusts Sarah and needs to talk about this.

Sarah sympathises with Dan and says she gets the same feeling from the new clique. She feels like she is viewed as the enemy which makes her sad. She says the nightmare problem seems to be a common thread amongst the patients and suggests using hypnosis to explore the issues.
Kevin, Gabriel and Daniel all volunteer but insist that they are not alone when hypnosised. Sarah agrees, and suggests they start with Dan, as he seems most troubled at the moment. Dan is hypnosised and describes what he sees as he enters the trance. He watches a countdown on a cinema screen, and descends a staircase, at the bottom of which is a door. Opening the door, Dan describes a chapel, which he recognises as being in the asylum, with a distinctive old, carved ornate cross. Kneeling in front of the cross is a weeping man, dressed in archaic priests garb. The man is crying for his lost children. He introduces himself as Father Bodycombe, and tells Dan that the whole place is evil, desecrated by a corruption that is spreading. The corruption can be stopped. He advises to cleanse the hospital by fire, “burn it to the ground”.
Daniel sees a butterfly land on the cross – on a familiar symbol, a five pointed star with a maze pattern that they have seen in their dreams. Father Bodycombe offers to bless Daniel, and as the group tell him to run away and Sarah tries to bring him out of the trance, Daniel cries out as Bodycombe holds Daniel and begins to hurt him.

Daniel is wracked with pain. A dark mark appears on his forehead and black ectoplasm materialises around his mouth as his eyes grow dark and he begins to chant in Latin, the words hurting everyone in the room. Gabriel and Kevin begin spiritual combat, attempting abduration and exorcism rituals. Daniel/Father Bodycombe strikes at Samuel before being restrained and tied down by the group. Christine runs out looking for help. Gabriel’s ritual is effective but seems to be causing lacerations to appear on Dan so he stops. Kevin carries on and Daniel seems to return to normal, but very shaken by his ordeal.

Sarah is mortified and apologetic. She describes an incident 3 days ago when she saw a vision of a man with burning red eyes whilst conducting a guided meditation for the children’s ward in Potomac House. In her vision he branded he on the forehead with the maze-cross symbol. The children sensed she was freaked out so she asked them all to draw a picture whilst she went and pulled herself together. When she returned she asked to see what they had drawn. They all showed her identical pictures of the maze symbol. After finishing her story Sarah apologised again and promised to help find out what was happening. As they all leave, Christine spots a crow flying away from it’s windowsill perch.

Everyone then went in seperate ways, Kevin going to the computer room to do some research (where he noticed a rather large boil had developed on his face) and returned to his room to draw up horoscopes for everyone.

Gabriel and Christine went for a walk, Gabriel telling Christine of the reasons for his being committed, how he had been forced through necessity to learn exorcism as a sickly child, and how he had used his skills to help others, with this leading to an unfortunate incident involving a small child and a demon named Lilitu, which lead to his sectioning. He also confided that he believed Lilitu to be back, having visited him this morning, leaving the scar on his face. As they talk Christine sees a dark figure watching her in the graveyard beyond the fence. It points to her and she runs for it. Gabriel panics thinking she has recorded their conversation and peruses her, failing to catch her, but distracting her so she looses sight of the figure. Reaching the fence all there is is an old tree, casting shadows on the gravestones, possibly playing tricks with her mind.

Samuel goes to see the resident priest, seeking help for Daniel. The chapel is in the hospital ward, where he finds the Reverend, and the carved cross Daniel mentioned. Reverend Austin Jones seemed sympathetic and believed Samuel’s story. However alarm bells begin to ring for Samuel when he speaks of the hospital being corrupted and seems to be listening to a voice he can’t hear. Christine and Gabriel arrive as Jones talks about needing to purge Daniel of his evil and a disagreement ensues, the Reverend returning to the chapel and locking the door. Christine manages to pick the lock which angers the priest and he presses a panic button. The group decides to flee.

They see Kevin and ask him to look after their illicit goods and proceed back outside, encountering Bishop on the stairs who seems to suspect they are up to something and searches Samuel, reminding him that he runs this place.

As they head to the computer room they encounter a disturbed looking patient stumbling round a corner. “Help, they’re going to kill me!” he mutters before limping away. Shortly after two orderlies appear, walking calmly. The group asks what the man has done and the orderlies look blank. “Nothing.” one says, “Emptiness, nowhere” the other agrees and they walk on. Gabriel decides to follow whilst the other two head back to get Sam’s phone. He is distracted by Alex lounging about in the branches of a tree, “Where are you going Gabriel?” he asks. Gabriel is angry from this morning and drags him out of the tree, demanding answers. “Hey come on Gabriel, we’re all mad here aren’t we?” Gabriel demands a straight answer to what is going on, Alex tells him “You’re playing the game now Gabriel and your loosing because you don’t even know the rules. You have to start learning fast”. Gabriel tells him to stop being so cryptic and explain himself, Alex replies, “I’m not trying to do anything, I just am. Why does a bee be? Why does a dog dog? Is a dog mad? No. Sometimes I bark like a dog so can I be mad?” Gabriel walks off, angry that he can’t get a straight answer still. Alex shout after him “If you don’t know where you’re going, it doesn’t matter which way you walk Gabriel”. Gabriel turns round to confront him again but Alex is gone. Gabriel goes for a walk in the Hedge maze to clear his head before meeting up with the others in the computer room.

They meet to the computer room where Samuel successfully manages to bypass the Internet restrictions and accesses Facebook. He features finds Liam Bishop’s Facebook page but cannot successfully incriminate him with goats, so instead he creates a fake account in the Reverend Jones’ name and invites him to like
Christine checks her emails and then they leave, however they notice the attendant going over and checking the terminal that Sam was at. Sam realises he didn’t wipe his history and may be in trouble.

Everyone goes to dinner, where Samuel is caught trying to palm his meds, and has to resort to making himself sick in the toilets. They discus plans during diner and afterwards head off to Kevin’s room to prepare for the inevitable nightmare to come. On the way the pass Jane who stops Christine and berates her for not following her advice. She tells her she can still help and asks to see her palm. Christine offers her palm, which Jane inspects scornfully before cutting a deep scratch in it with her thumbnail and spitting in the wound. The spit stings and seems to fizzle slightly. Samuel is angry and confronts Jane who offers him her palm and smiles. Samuel backs down and they retreat to Kevin’s room where Kevin uses his occult skills to make amulets of protection that they hope will help them through the night. He manages to make 3 which they decide will go to Kevin, Daniel and Samuel. Samuel also used his phone to look for spirits – seeing darkness around Kevin, and something watching through the mirror. The group splits up and everyone gets ready for the night ahead.

Rumors and mysteries
But it's just some rumors right?

Every place has its rumors and this is what we heard and learned so far.

- The top floor of the Asylum contains a “cursed room”. Room 606 is an isolation room and every patient who ever entered it is supposed to have committed suicide in the following weeks. Samuel, Kevin. Christine and Daniel went to investigate and managed to persuade the male nurse supervising the 6th floor to enter room 606. They, however, didn’t go inside.

- There is a “black block” outside the main building which is supposed to be an “experimental” ward. The security there is reinforced and it is said they keep patients like Roman the Beast Therein and the Toxteth Cannibal inside.

- On Google Map Gabriel found a strange looking building outside the Asylum. Not too far away but enough to be out of the main road.

Gabriel Solo Session
Snakes and Ladders

Gabriel wakes up in his room and can’t move. He hears the door open and someone enters. They move around his room, investigating his things and breathing heavily. He can just make out a dark shape out of corner of eye. The figure comes closer and leans into his, stroking his cheek and whispering into his ear. It’s breath smells like rancid meat, “not yet”, it whispers in a voice that Gabriel recognises from long ago, “your not ready yet. Soon…” The caresses turn to a long deep scratch and Gabriel wakes up screaming. He inspects himself in the mirror and finds he does have a scratch accross his face. A nurse knocks to check on him and sends him to the surgical ward to get it checked out.

In the surgical ward Gabriel meets Nathaniel Moorcroft (Doctor), a distinguished looking man with swept back black hair and piercing blue eyes. As he chats with him he straps him down to a restraining bed and begins to mutter to himself whilst inspecting a variety of painful looking surgical instruments. Gabriel screams for help and a nurse appears. Moorcroft looks disturbed and asks the nurse to finish the job and hurriedly exits.

Gabriel is given butterfly stitches and then spends a couple of hours on an observation wards, struggling to stay awake. Eventually he is released and heads out. Outside he sees a man stood on the edge of a tall building. Fearing the worst he begins to run, but the man steps forward and drops headfirst. Just before he hits the floor he sprouts wings and begins to fly, soaring past Gabriel. The man has long blonde hair, and beautiful angelic features. He flies up into the sky, spiralling upwards towards the sun, laughing manically eventually crying out “Father, no!” as the wings dissolve and he plummets towards the earth, seeming to hit the ground far outside the asylum’s perimeter.

Gabriel continues on and passes Alex Freeman sitting under a tree who invites him to join him. He congratulates him on weaning himself off the reality imposed on him by the asylum’s drugs and tv, but advises him that the next step is to stop eating the food as it is poisoned. He offers Gabriel an apple from the tree they are sitting under, which Gabriel eats, whilst they begin to play snakes and ladders.

As they play they discuss philosophy – Alex comparing the game to an analogy of life itself, wondering whether the greatest illusion is that of choice or randomness and suggesting that by giving in to the winds of change one will always find oneself exactly where one is meant to be. They question whether aspiring to go up truly means anything as once you get there there is nowhere left to go but back to the bottom. Alex also asks Gabriel why he thinks snakes have got such a bad press – he says in many old cultures they were revered as the guardians of secret knowledge – he blames the Christians for attempting to suppress things. He then apologises to Gabriel, saying it is seriously uncool to alter another consciousness without permission but he doesn’t think Gabriel would have gone along with it otherwise, and “You really need to see this” Alex advices.

As Alex explains that the apple was laced with mescalin, Gabriel finds the apple slipping through his fingers as if they were made of liquid. He melts into the ground and watches as the apple dissolves into the ground too, and a snake slithers away up the tree. His vision seems to focus, becoming microscopic as a miniature apple tree grows out of the remains of the old apple, sprouting more apples, growing and dying and spreading more apple trees that grow into orchards, then fields of crops and cities begin to grow in complex geometric designs, rising, growing and dying before his eyes. He watches as many civilizations rise and turn to dust and eventually finds himself wandering through the desert.

He spots a huge statue in the distance and heads towards it. It is a huge headless statue of a man, as he inspects it the wind uncovers an engraved plinth. The words on it read “I am no one. King of nothing”. The wind uncovers the head of the statue, which he has time to recognise as his own, before everything crumbles into dust.

Out of the dust another tree grows, a snake winding up through it’s branches as it grows, growing into the tree, becoming a microscopic serpent of dna. Gabriel’s consciousness expands into 5 dimensions and he sees the tree in multiple dimensions, realising the tree is connected to everything that has ever existed in an unbroken chain of existence. Something else is there too in the tree. An absence of being that laughs, writhing in the branches, consuming the tree. Gabriel realises he is both a part of the tree and is simultaneously looking at the tree. He finds himself looking at the partially consumed apple that Alex gave him, and sees there are maggots writhing in the core.

Alex is gone and his head feels tender so he curls up under the tree and falls asleep. He is woken up by Louise Johnson from group therapy who asks him if he is OK. She tells him group therapy is due to start and suggests they walk together.


In the centre is the issue – here we the Heirophant, a man of great spiritual power. He sits in the middle, and he seeks The World, all his plans are coming to completion.
In the past is the Fool, a new beginning, a fresh start, and Judgement – a call to a higher purpose, even though you are not yet aware of it.
Inside helping you is The Magician. A man of great power, skill and talent, and his sign is The Star. He knows his place in the universe, and in the grand scheme of things. He brings hope.
Outside seeking to help you is the Queen of Cups. A kind woman of companion, who wants to connect on an emotional level. Water is her sign. She has a strong intuition and is a healer.
With her is the Hanged Man – you must surrender yourself. Sacrifice may be necessary.
Finally in your future the Devil waits. A thing of material attatchment. Earthly power. Something evil.
[The mirror cracks]
Death. The end is coming. You are going to die Christine. Soon…

Session 3

Samuel wakes up and finds Kevin and Christine – Gabriel seems to be missing. They head outside and trade stories of what has happened. Sirens can be heard in the distance. Samuel’s head starts to hurt and he finds himself coming out of a dream – Kevin and Christine are not inmates, they are his arresting officers and he is still in the cells after being arrested for stalking the MP. They say will let him go if they tell him who he met in his flotation tank dream, and where they met. Samuel refuses and reality shifts again. Kevin and Christine are now demons in a medieval torture chamber – Samuel finally cracks and tells them of his meeting with Andreas and wakes up with a feeling of dread, back in the asylum.

When Kevin wakes up he notices a strange stain in the ceiling. He lies in bed staring at it for a while and begins to think it looks like a leering face.

Gabriel is not in his room. They look for Dan and find him in tv room, watching Labyrinth,
“Do you know where the door to the labyrinth is?”
“Oh maybe.”
“Well, where is it?”
“Where is what?”
“The door?”
“What door?”
“It’s hopeless asking you anything!”
“Not if you ask the right questions.”
“How do I get into the labyrinth?”
“Ahhh, now that’s more like it!”

They go and have breakfast and successfully avoid taking meds.

Kevin and Dan stay in room – Dan is bored and reads Kevin’s book. Samuel and Christine go to check their emails. They pass Bishop on the way who looks at them suspiciously.

On way back meet orderly in the rain – he seems unusually vacant and mutters something about nothing before stumbling off.

They meet up and check out floor above Kevin’s room, which is empty but belongs to an inmate called Karen Kennedy. Samuel distracts the staff nurse successfully and they then head up to the top floor to check out room, meeting bishop on stairs on way up, who wants to know what they are up to and warns them he is watching them. They find 606 – it appears to be a padded isolation cell, similar to the one Samuel has encountered before, however the doorway is distinctly different from the others – an ornate mahogany frame worked with a motif of doves and olive branches. The attendant ward nurse offers to let them in but they decide not to.

Daniel is eager to show his new friends his special place and takes them to the basement of Hampden House, and shows them a room hidden behind a stack of packing crates (containing dusty straight jackets) at the far corner of a basement corridor. The room is covered in a thick layer of dust and contains many surgical instruments (some of which they take to use as weapons) and many jars containing biological materials and liquids. They find a jar of liquid that is labelled flammable and take it. In the far corner of the room they spot what appears to be a set of Russian nesting dolls, untouched by dust. They notice that there are no footprints leading to it. Christine goes to investigate the dolls. As she reaches out to take them the dolls wobble. She opens them up and finds a grub in the centre. She drops the grub to the floor and crushes it under foot.
Check out secret room – find surgical.
As they leave Samuel uses his phone to take photos of everyone and notices a shadow over Kevin, but says nothing to him.

Kevin goes back to room, whilst Samuel uses computer. Christine gives the dolls to Jane who is happy to receive them but seems disappointed when she opens them all up. She offers to read Christine’s tarot and they head to her room. (See Tarot).

Samuel solo session
Friends and foes.

Samuel is stopped on way to breakfast and told brother is on way to see him and he is booked into hydrotherapy so skip breakfast and head to West Wing. On way overhears a conversation between a small, wiry looking orderly with angular features and slicked back hair telling his workmate that “they are mad letting the loonies out before theyve found out how it got it”. He sees Samuel listening and shuts the door on him.
Samuel heads outside and bumps into Alex who wonders why Samuel isn’t looking for the hole. Samuel decides not to look for it and heads for computer room, but is spotted by the wiry orderly, Liam Bishop, who makes him go for his treatment.
Samuel meets Dr Heinrich Hart who assures him that the therapy is safe and will be relaxing. He is given an injection contains a cocktail of psychoactive compounds and put in a glass tank. He has breathing apparatus attatched to his face and the tank is filled with water. The chemicals make Samuel feel blissed out until he notices the doctor and his assistant seem to be talking about him and smiling. Samuel has time to give him the finger before the doctor turns a dial cutting off his oxygen supply.
Samuel manages to escape the tank by kicking the glass out and runs as more orderlies appear – attacking him with barbed batons.
Outside on a monitor he briefly sees an image of a man with wild hair and a 7 pointed tattoo covering his blind left eye. He appears to be trying to say something buy the image flickers and fades into static.
Samuel runs, avoiding the receptionist who attacks him with a large knife. He hides in the hedge maze but is soon found by two orderlies and flees again – following a ghost like image of the man with the tattoo who be considered from the north as hordes of orderlies pour from the buildings, all armed with cruel looking weaponry.
Samuel manages to dig a small hole under the razor fence and escapes before the baying hordes of orderlies arrive who are now behaving very animalistic. Outside he runs north as more orderlies start to arrive from the south east and west sides of the hospital.
He sees a crypt but decides to avoid it and runs north following a butterfly through the moors, eventually arriving at a house.
Inside is a teenage girl and her uncle who seem to be expecting him. The introduce themselves as Bes and Andreas Guigon. “Don’t worry, this is a safe place” Andreas tells him and shows him the back door, which resembles a door from his childhood home. He tells him to remember the door and when he sees the sign of the butterfly in his dreams concentrate on the door and together they will create a door back to this place. Andreas warns that inside the asylum they are constantly being watched, even in their dreams, so Samuel must not talk about this to his friends. Andreas tells Samuel that inside the labyrinth all things are possible and if he goes deep enough it may be possible to find a place where his wife is still alive, but Samuel dismisses the notion. Samuel has many questions to ask but Andreas says they must continue the conversation later as he is about to wake up.
Samuel wakes up back in the hydrotherapy tank, safe for now.
He sees his brother Jack and has some success convincing him all is not right. Jack gives Samuel his phone and says he will get legal help if Samuel can find a way of paying for it.
After this Samuel heads again for the computer room but again is intercepted by Bishop who teaches Samuel a lesson for being rude to him earlier. A sedation team is summoned, Bishop telling them Samuel is being threatening. Samuel is sedated and put in seclusion. Before he goes Bishop warns him that he knows about the rumours of room 606. If Samuel pisses him off again he will put him there.
Several hours later Samuel is put to bed with a sore head and has a dreamless sleep.

2nd Session

Over breakfast Christine and Gabriel talk to Alex, who advises them not to take their medication as he makes elaborate mandalas out of his food. “They make you blind on the inside” he cautions, and shows them how to fool the porters with tic tacs.
Kevin sits on his own to eat, and doesn’t react as someone with long, lank dark hair and bad breath leans into his ear and tells him “I can see your soul. Lucky for you there’s not much meat on yours so I’ll not bother eating it. Stay away from the mirrors little soul. The monsters live in the mirrors. They’re watching you…”

McKenzie enters (Alex calls her King Arthur) and announces that the Bull has been removed from the grounds and it is safe to go outside. She also tells the inmates that nurse Shields, who was killed in a RTA a couple of days ago, will be buried in the asylum’s graveyard in 2 days time.
After eating, Gabriel successfully follows Alex’s advice to avoid taking his meds, and Christine thinks she catches a glimpse of someone in the mirror, watching them from outside, but they are gone when she looks.

The group heads off to the computer room. A look at Google Maps reveals something 2-3 miles north of the asylum. It appears to be a building (perhaps a warehouse or a barn) surrounded by a dozen or so vehicles parked in a spiral around the building. They also get details about their medication and manage to get print outs of the hedge maze. Kevin sees a crow sitting on the window sill. It seems to be watching him.

In group therapy Alison Harper apologises to Gabriel for yesterday’s incident. Gabriel accepts the apology and Sarah Cassidy commends him for his attitude. Several people bring up that they have been having bad nightmare’s recently about being chased through a maze, but the players keep quiet about there experience. Louise Johnson sketches a picture that everyone recognises from their dreams. Image.jpg
The players notice that Sarah looks uncomfortable but says nothing. She explores dream symbolism, suggesting that being lost could be a symbol of anxiety and being chased could be symbolic of avoiding confronting an issue.

After the therapy, Daniel Brook follows the party, eager to help. Kevin suggests he meets them at the hedge maze in an hour, which he agrees to do. They head to the tv room to test a theory, but it is occupied by people watching Groundhog day, so they instead go to one of their rooms and turn on the TV, tuning into static. Gabriel thinks he may have seen a face but he’s not sure.

They head off and meet Dan at the maze. They follow Dan who gets lost, but Christine manages to navigate them to the centre, where they find a tree stump with “All is lost” carved on it, and a book lying on a bench. The book seems to be a copy of Alice Through The Looking Glass belonging to Crazy Jane, with a highlighted passage.
“He’s dreaming now,’ said Tweedledee: ‘and what do you think he’s dreaming about?’
Alice said ‘Nobody can guess that.’
‘Why, about YOU!’ Tweedledee exclaimed, clapping his hands triumphantly. ‘And if he left off dreaming about you, where do you suppose you’d be?’
‘Where I am now, of course,’ said Alice.
‘Not you!’ Tweedledee retorted contemptuously. ’You’d be nowhere. Why, you’re only a sort of thing in his dream!’
‘If that there King was to wake,’ added Tweedledum, ’you’d go out—bang!—just like a candle!”
Alex Freeman appears and offers Kevin a jaffa cake, telling them this is not the real maze, the maze is everywhere. There is no escape except to go deeper.
On the way out Kevin again thinks he spots a crow watching him. He points it out, Christine throws a rock at it, knocking it off it’s branch. This upsets Daniel and Alex disappears again whilst they are arguing.

Over dinner Christine and Gabriel (who is now hallucinating spiders in his dinner) talk to Crazy Jane, who says she will help them, but only if they bring her “lots of dolls”. Kevin sits alone.
A cake is brought in to celebrate Kathy Purchase’s birthday. Everyone has a slice. When Gabriel goes for a second slice, Kathy grabs his hand and whispers “Get Out!” before projectile vomiting at him. Gabriel manages to evade the vomit and resolves to be more careful approaching inmates in future.

The party sleeps and again begins to dream. This time Daniel is there. Kevin tells him to go back to his room to sleep, which he does. They follow the footprints and spot Roman Carlyle who turns and flees, running through a door.
They follow him into what appears to be a Ordo Praetorius ritual – many robed worshippers prostate themselves to Roman who is in the centre of a pentagram enclosed in a large, complex, labyrinthine design, taking up most of the floor space. A marble room with ionic columns, and large ornate mirrors reflecting the 100s of candles that light the room. Large incense braziers with faces like demons spew out pungent black smoke. The worshippers don’t pay any attention to the characters, they just bow and chant. Roman seems to solidify and become more vivid and real. He laughs as 3 hooded figures are led into the room and dragged into circular depressions formed with the labyrinth pattern.
Roman turns and runs, jumping through a mirror. Kevin gives chase, whilst the others try to disrupt the ritual, but can’t seem to interact, and can only watch as the the victims (who plead, and cry “why me, please?”) are all disembowelled and their entrails laid out in labyrinth patterns that intersect with that already there.

Kevin chases Roman who materialises a door in front of him. He turns and tells Kevin “I was always far deeper than you Kevin” before stepping through it. Kevin gathers himself and steps through, finding himself in an empty room, lit only by 2 candles surrounded by salt. He crosses the room and exits by the door.

Christine and Gabriel are in persuit – seeing Kevin step through the door they follow and find themselves in a family home, where they see a man shoot his wife and then turns the gun on himself. Christine seems shaken but moves on with Gabriel finding another door.

Everyone finds themselves in darkness. They appear to be tied up – they are man handled through a door, beyond which they hear a familiar chanting. They realise that they are now the sacrificial victims and are helpless to act as they are disembowelled and fed to the maze. Everyone wakes.

First Session

Started off with Encounter sessions – introductions and Samuel notices he is being stared at by goth looking woman sat to one side. Told about Nurse Shields being killed in RTA. Introduced to Alison Harper, Daniel Brook, Elizabeth Benson, Louise Johnson and Sarah Cassidy.

Dinner and meds – Samuel unsuccessful in trying to pretend to take meds. Kevin turns down dinner, goes to room and spends evening reading and centering self.
Samuel goes to gym – has Encounter with Louise Johnson.
Gabriel and Christine meet Alison Harper who stabs Gabriel before being subdued by sedation team.

Gabriel goes to medical ward and is patched up.

Christine talks to Elizabeth Benson who has lost a valuable locket. Tells her she believes her brother deliberately had her admitted to inherit the family fortune. Been her so long she is loosing her mind.

Gabriel gets out and meets up with Christine and they explore.
Samuel finds a hedge maze and gets lost in it.

Gabriel and Christine bump into Alex Freeman who offers to show them around. Tells them to avoid the TVs as they are draining people’s souls. See Kathy Purchase – tells how she was admitted in the 60s and was lobotomized for smashing furniture in protest. Tells of room 606, the cursed room, a seclusion cell on the top floor. According to Alex everyone put in there came out screaming and committed suicide shortly afterwards.
Points out Westwing, the Black Block, the maximum security ward, holding the famous occultist serial killer Roman Carlyle and the The Toxteth Cannibal (who ate his victims alive using metal teeth). Also has ‘experimental therapy’ rooms.

Points out medical wing – basic surgical facilities, hospice and morgue (which he says to avoid).

Samuel hears laughing and animal grunting. Finds centre of maze. Makes an improvised weapon out of a bench plank. Finds a tree stump with “We’re all lost” written on it. Attacked by an injured bull – manages to escape by hiding.

Christine, Gabriel and Alex hear the noise and go to investigate – get there in time to find Samuel emerge from maze. They leave area, Samuel burying the weapon near a rose bush. Before he leaves Alex warns them to be careful how the dream, “They get you in your dreams”.

All go to bed (Samuel watches a little TV). Wake up with door ajar. Strange sigil on wall of corridor.
Hear laughing – follow glowing hand prints. Kevin takes his book as a weapon. Stairs have an Ouroborous painted on.

Go down to main entrance foyer. Dismantle coffee table for weapons – lift is painted like a serpent. Inside only 2 buttons – go down a long way and emerge into T shaped corridor. 10 doors on either side. See a man banging head against wall. A man with grinning sharp metal teeth. Kevin meets Roman Carlyle who offers him a way out in return for being in debt which Kevin turns down. Roman slams the observation port shut, without moving.

They continue – follow handprints to far right corner cell – inside is a strange carving on centre of right hand wall.
A large mouth with a tunnel going down, rough steps and animal pictures. At bottom big room, which Christine recognises from her dreams, rippling dark pool in centre, various cave style animals paintings including a horned man (which Kevin identified as being similar to the famous Sorcerer of Trois Freres). Noises come from shadows in dark corners. The horned man animates and points at them, all the painted animals also animate and flow into pool.


Tortured patients, all looking like they have painful surgical procedures performed on them, advance towards them in a zombie like manner. They attempt to fight but are swiftly overpowered – all dying and awakening back in their rooms.

They meet in the corridor (Kevin notices the book is wrapped up in his night shirt like in his dream) and discus the strange events. Told to go to common room by a nurse. They make plans to use computers to find information and to investigate the hedge maze again. Attempt to leave but main doors are shut at night. Samuel phones up brother in law and demands he helps him – he refuses but promises to visit tomorrow.
They decide to go to sleep – in morning everyone is talking about a bull that was apparently found wandering the hospital grounds yesterday. Nobody knows how it got in…


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