(Crazy) Jane Ashton

Kinda crazy


“Jane can tell you about the future”

She is usually alone in the dining room and keep away from the other patients.
When Kevin, Christine and Gabriel went to the center of the maze they found a book: “Alice throught the looking glass” with Jane’s name on it and a part is highlighted.. Christine and Gabriel confront her at dinner but she says she will help them only if they find “lots of dolls”
Christine later on finds a set of Russian dolls, one of them containing a critter that she crushed immediately. She brings them to Jane, who seems disappointed somehow when she opens the dolls.
However she still agrees to help Christine in her own way: Tarot reading. The reading doesn’t go well, which mention of loss and ultimately, death. At the same time, a mirror in Jane’s room breaks… When pushed further Jane says there is no escape and that everyone will die (specifically “You will die, soon”, see Tarot) but refuses to say anything else. Christine leaves, saying she would be there to help her and anyone else to escape.

(Crazy) Jane Ashton

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