Labyrinth of Dreams

Session 4


Everyone eventually meets back up in the afternoon’s group therapy session. Gabriel arrives slightly late, accompanied by the gothy lonewolf, Louise, who thanks him for walking back with her, before taking her usual place in the corner (giving Samuel a knowing look on the way). Everyone notices Gabriel’s scar and he tries to explain it away.
The therapist, Sarah Cassidy (who drinks from a seashell cup made for her by one of the children in Potomac House), invites everyone to check in with their feeling and is pleased that several of the group seem to be more positive than before. Samuel and Gabriel both report making progress and friendships that are helpful. Kevin sits on his own , as does Louise and make minimal contributions, Kevin saying he feels nothing, Louise telling Sarah to fuck off (Kevin questions the point of making her come, but Sarah defends by saying attendance is compulsory but parcipitation is voluntary). The young girl Alison Harper, who attacked Gabriel reports feeling empty and depressed about the death of nurse Shields still. Elizabeth says she is resigned to watching the world go by whilst they wait for her mind to fall apart, but she senses something is wrong in the asylum. Dan says he is happy to have made new friends, but feels they are hiding things from him and treating him like an idiot. Dan also starts talking about his nightmares – Christine tries to shut him up but Dan gets annoyed – he has been here for a long time – he says he trusts Sarah and needs to talk about this.

Sarah sympathises with Dan and says she gets the same feeling from the new clique. She feels like she is viewed as the enemy which makes her sad. She says the nightmare problem seems to be a common thread amongst the patients and suggests using hypnosis to explore the issues.
Kevin, Gabriel and Daniel all volunteer but insist that they are not alone when hypnosised. Sarah agrees, and suggests they start with Dan, as he seems most troubled at the moment. Dan is hypnosised and describes what he sees as he enters the trance. He watches a countdown on a cinema screen, and descends a staircase, at the bottom of which is a door. Opening the door, Dan describes a chapel, which he recognises as being in the asylum, with a distinctive old, carved ornate cross. Kneeling in front of the cross is a weeping man, dressed in archaic priests garb. The man is crying for his lost children. He introduces himself as Father Bodycombe, and tells Dan that the whole place is evil, desecrated by a corruption that is spreading. The corruption can be stopped. He advises to cleanse the hospital by fire, “burn it to the ground”.
Daniel sees a butterfly land on the cross – on a familiar symbol, a five pointed star with a maze pattern that they have seen in their dreams. Father Bodycombe offers to bless Daniel, and as the group tell him to run away and Sarah tries to bring him out of the trance, Daniel cries out as Bodycombe holds Daniel and begins to hurt him.

Daniel is wracked with pain. A dark mark appears on his forehead and black ectoplasm materialises around his mouth as his eyes grow dark and he begins to chant in Latin, the words hurting everyone in the room. Gabriel and Kevin begin spiritual combat, attempting abduration and exorcism rituals. Daniel/Father Bodycombe strikes at Samuel before being restrained and tied down by the group. Christine runs out looking for help. Gabriel’s ritual is effective but seems to be causing lacerations to appear on Dan so he stops. Kevin carries on and Daniel seems to return to normal, but very shaken by his ordeal.

Sarah is mortified and apologetic. She describes an incident 3 days ago when she saw a vision of a man with burning red eyes whilst conducting a guided meditation for the children’s ward in Potomac House. In her vision he branded he on the forehead with the maze-cross symbol. The children sensed she was freaked out so she asked them all to draw a picture whilst she went and pulled herself together. When she returned she asked to see what they had drawn. They all showed her identical pictures of the maze symbol. After finishing her story Sarah apologised again and promised to help find out what was happening. As they all leave, Christine spots a crow flying away from it’s windowsill perch.

Everyone then went in seperate ways, Kevin going to the computer room to do some research (where he noticed a rather large boil had developed on his face) and returned to his room to draw up horoscopes for everyone.

Gabriel and Christine went for a walk, Gabriel telling Christine of the reasons for his being committed, how he had been forced through necessity to learn exorcism as a sickly child, and how he had used his skills to help others, with this leading to an unfortunate incident involving a small child and a demon named Lilitu, which lead to his sectioning. He also confided that he believed Lilitu to be back, having visited him this morning, leaving the scar on his face. As they talk Christine sees a dark figure watching her in the graveyard beyond the fence. It points to her and she runs for it. Gabriel panics thinking she has recorded their conversation and peruses her, failing to catch her, but distracting her so she looses sight of the figure. Reaching the fence all there is is an old tree, casting shadows on the gravestones, possibly playing tricks with her mind.

Samuel goes to see the resident priest, seeking help for Daniel. The chapel is in the hospital ward, where he finds the Reverend, and the carved cross Daniel mentioned. Reverend Austin Jones seemed sympathetic and believed Samuel’s story. However alarm bells begin to ring for Samuel when he speaks of the hospital being corrupted and seems to be listening to a voice he can’t hear. Christine and Gabriel arrive as Jones talks about needing to purge Daniel of his evil and a disagreement ensues, the Reverend returning to the chapel and locking the door. Christine manages to pick the lock which angers the priest and he presses a panic button. The group decides to flee.

They see Kevin and ask him to look after their illicit goods and proceed back outside, encountering Bishop on the stairs who seems to suspect they are up to something and searches Samuel, reminding him that he runs this place.

As they head to the computer room they encounter a disturbed looking patient stumbling round a corner. “Help, they’re going to kill me!” he mutters before limping away. Shortly after two orderlies appear, walking calmly. The group asks what the man has done and the orderlies look blank. “Nothing.” one says, “Emptiness, nowhere” the other agrees and they walk on. Gabriel decides to follow whilst the other two head back to get Sam’s phone. He is distracted by Alex lounging about in the branches of a tree, “Where are you going Gabriel?” he asks. Gabriel is angry from this morning and drags him out of the tree, demanding answers. “Hey come on Gabriel, we’re all mad here aren’t we?” Gabriel demands a straight answer to what is going on, Alex tells him “You’re playing the game now Gabriel and your loosing because you don’t even know the rules. You have to start learning fast”. Gabriel tells him to stop being so cryptic and explain himself, Alex replies, “I’m not trying to do anything, I just am. Why does a bee be? Why does a dog dog? Is a dog mad? No. Sometimes I bark like a dog so can I be mad?” Gabriel walks off, angry that he can’t get a straight answer still. Alex shout after him “If you don’t know where you’re going, it doesn’t matter which way you walk Gabriel”. Gabriel turns round to confront him again but Alex is gone. Gabriel goes for a walk in the Hedge maze to clear his head before meeting up with the others in the computer room.

They meet to the computer room where Samuel successfully manages to bypass the Internet restrictions and accesses Facebook. He features finds Liam Bishop’s Facebook page but cannot successfully incriminate him with goats, so instead he creates a fake account in the Reverend Jones’ name and invites him to like
Christine checks her emails and then they leave, however they notice the attendant going over and checking the terminal that Sam was at. Sam realises he didn’t wipe his history and may be in trouble.

Everyone goes to dinner, where Samuel is caught trying to palm his meds, and has to resort to making himself sick in the toilets. They discus plans during diner and afterwards head off to Kevin’s room to prepare for the inevitable nightmare to come. On the way the pass Jane who stops Christine and berates her for not following her advice. She tells her she can still help and asks to see her palm. Christine offers her palm, which Jane inspects scornfully before cutting a deep scratch in it with her thumbnail and spitting in the wound. The spit stings and seems to fizzle slightly. Samuel is angry and confronts Jane who offers him her palm and smiles. Samuel backs down and they retreat to Kevin’s room where Kevin uses his occult skills to make amulets of protection that they hope will help them through the night. He manages to make 3 which they decide will go to Kevin, Daniel and Samuel. Samuel also used his phone to look for spirits – seeing darkness around Kevin, and something watching through the mirror. The group splits up and everyone gets ready for the night ahead.


Mandraken Mandraken

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