Labyrinth of Dreams

Session 3


Samuel wakes up and finds Kevin and Christine – Gabriel seems to be missing. They head outside and trade stories of what has happened. Sirens can be heard in the distance. Samuel’s head starts to hurt and he finds himself coming out of a dream – Kevin and Christine are not inmates, they are his arresting officers and he is still in the cells after being arrested for stalking the MP. They say will let him go if they tell him who he met in his flotation tank dream, and where they met. Samuel refuses and reality shifts again. Kevin and Christine are now demons in a medieval torture chamber – Samuel finally cracks and tells them of his meeting with Andreas and wakes up with a feeling of dread, back in the asylum.

When Kevin wakes up he notices a strange stain in the ceiling. He lies in bed staring at it for a while and begins to think it looks like a leering face.

Gabriel is not in his room. They look for Dan and find him in tv room, watching Labyrinth,
“Do you know where the door to the labyrinth is?”
“Oh maybe.”
“Well, where is it?”
“Where is what?”
“The door?”
“What door?”
“It’s hopeless asking you anything!”
“Not if you ask the right questions.”
“How do I get into the labyrinth?”
“Ahhh, now that’s more like it!”

They go and have breakfast and successfully avoid taking meds.

Kevin and Dan stay in room – Dan is bored and reads Kevin’s book. Samuel and Christine go to check their emails. They pass Bishop on the way who looks at them suspiciously.

On way back meet orderly in the rain – he seems unusually vacant and mutters something about nothing before stumbling off.

They meet up and check out floor above Kevin’s room, which is empty but belongs to an inmate called Karen Kennedy. Samuel distracts the staff nurse successfully and they then head up to the top floor to check out room, meeting bishop on stairs on way up, who wants to know what they are up to and warns them he is watching them. They find 606 – it appears to be a padded isolation cell, similar to the one Samuel has encountered before, however the doorway is distinctly different from the others – an ornate mahogany frame worked with a motif of doves and olive branches. The attendant ward nurse offers to let them in but they decide not to.

Daniel is eager to show his new friends his special place and takes them to the basement of Hampden House, and shows them a room hidden behind a stack of packing crates (containing dusty straight jackets) at the far corner of a basement corridor. The room is covered in a thick layer of dust and contains many surgical instruments (some of which they take to use as weapons) and many jars containing biological materials and liquids. They find a jar of liquid that is labelled flammable and take it. In the far corner of the room they spot what appears to be a set of Russian nesting dolls, untouched by dust. They notice that there are no footprints leading to it. Christine goes to investigate the dolls. As she reaches out to take them the dolls wobble. She opens them up and finds a grub in the centre. She drops the grub to the floor and crushes it under foot.
Check out secret room – find surgical.
As they leave Samuel uses his phone to take photos of everyone and notices a shadow over Kevin, but says nothing to him.

Kevin goes back to room, whilst Samuel uses computer. Christine gives the dolls to Jane who is happy to receive them but seems disappointed when she opens them all up. She offers to read Christine’s tarot and they head to her room. (See Tarot).


Mandraken Mandraken

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