Labyrinth of Dreams

Rumors and mysteries

But it's just some rumors right?

Every place has its rumors and this is what we heard and learned so far.

- The top floor of the Asylum contains a “cursed room”. Room 606 is an isolation room and every patient who ever entered it is supposed to have committed suicide in the following weeks. Samuel, Kevin. Christine and Daniel went to investigate and managed to persuade the male nurse supervising the 6th floor to enter room 606. They, however, didn’t go inside.

- There is a “black block” outside the main building which is supposed to be an “experimental” ward. The security there is reinforced and it is said they keep patients like Roman the Beast Therein and the Toxteth Cannibal inside.

- On Google Map Gabriel found a strange looking building outside the Asylum. Not too far away but enough to be out of the main road.


Mandraken Lunedor

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