Labyrinth of Dreams

First Session


Started off with Encounter sessions – introductions and Samuel notices he is being stared at by goth looking woman sat to one side. Told about Nurse Shields being killed in RTA. Introduced to Alison Harper, Daniel Brook, Elizabeth Benson, Louise Johnson and Sarah Cassidy.

Dinner and meds – Samuel unsuccessful in trying to pretend to take meds. Kevin turns down dinner, goes to room and spends evening reading and centering self.
Samuel goes to gym – has Encounter with Louise Johnson.
Gabriel and Christine meet Alison Harper who stabs Gabriel before being subdued by sedation team.

Gabriel goes to medical ward and is patched up.

Christine talks to Elizabeth Benson who has lost a valuable locket. Tells her she believes her brother deliberately had her admitted to inherit the family fortune. Been her so long she is loosing her mind.

Gabriel gets out and meets up with Christine and they explore.
Samuel finds a hedge maze and gets lost in it.

Gabriel and Christine bump into Alex Freeman who offers to show them around. Tells them to avoid the TVs as they are draining people’s souls. See Kathy Purchase – tells how she was admitted in the 60s and was lobotomized for smashing furniture in protest. Tells of room 606, the cursed room, a seclusion cell on the top floor. According to Alex everyone put in there came out screaming and committed suicide shortly afterwards.
Points out Westwing, the Black Block, the maximum security ward, holding the famous occultist serial killer Roman Carlyle and the The Toxteth Cannibal (who ate his victims alive using metal teeth). Also has ‘experimental therapy’ rooms.

Points out medical wing – basic surgical facilities, hospice and morgue (which he says to avoid).

Samuel hears laughing and animal grunting. Finds centre of maze. Makes an improvised weapon out of a bench plank. Finds a tree stump with “We’re all lost” written on it. Attacked by an injured bull – manages to escape by hiding.

Christine, Gabriel and Alex hear the noise and go to investigate – get there in time to find Samuel emerge from maze. They leave area, Samuel burying the weapon near a rose bush. Before he leaves Alex warns them to be careful how the dream, “They get you in your dreams”.

All go to bed (Samuel watches a little TV). Wake up with door ajar. Strange sigil on wall of corridor.
Hear laughing – follow glowing hand prints. Kevin takes his book as a weapon. Stairs have an Ouroborous painted on.

Go down to main entrance foyer. Dismantle coffee table for weapons – lift is painted like a serpent. Inside only 2 buttons – go down a long way and emerge into T shaped corridor. 10 doors on either side. See a man banging head against wall. A man with grinning sharp metal teeth. Kevin meets Roman Carlyle who offers him a way out in return for being in debt which Kevin turns down. Roman slams the observation port shut, without moving.

They continue – follow handprints to far right corner cell – inside is a strange carving on centre of right hand wall.
A large mouth with a tunnel going down, rough steps and animal pictures. At bottom big room, which Christine recognises from her dreams, rippling dark pool in centre, various cave style animals paintings including a horned man (which Kevin identified as being similar to the famous Sorcerer of Trois Freres). Noises come from shadows in dark corners. The horned man animates and points at them, all the painted animals also animate and flow into pool.


Tortured patients, all looking like they have painful surgical procedures performed on them, advance towards them in a zombie like manner. They attempt to fight but are swiftly overpowered – all dying and awakening back in their rooms.

They meet in the corridor (Kevin notices the book is wrapped up in his night shirt like in his dream) and discus the strange events. Told to go to common room by a nurse. They make plans to use computers to find information and to investigate the hedge maze again. Attempt to leave but main doors are shut at night. Samuel phones up brother in law and demands he helps him – he refuses but promises to visit tomorrow.
They decide to go to sleep – in morning everyone is talking about a bull that was apparently found wandering the hospital grounds yesterday. Nobody knows how it got in…


Mandraken Mandraken

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